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Monit wrapper script for pid

Monit wrapper script for pid : You may have question like,I have a program that does not create its own pid file. Since monit requires all programs to have a pid file, what do I do? Create a wrapper script … Continue reading

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Monitoring services with Monit

Monitoring services with Monit Check all running service on you machine with their port no, #netstat -atlpvn | grep LISTEN Get and install Monit, #sudo apt-get install monit OR #cd /home/ #wget #tar -zxvf monit-5.5.tar.gz #cd monit-5.5 #./configure #make … Continue reading

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Monitoring node.js with monit, upstart and forever.js

Monitoring Node with upstart, monit and forever.js When it comes time to have your Node project run more like a service, running in the background and auto-recovering from crashes, we can’t simply execute the node command manually from a shell. … Continue reading

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