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Ubuntu fix Shellshock bug

Ubuntu fix Shellshock Bug : Test if your system is vulnerable, $ env X=”() { :;}; echo shellshock” `which bash` -c “echo completed” shellshock completed If you got “shellshock” in output then it is vulnerable. Bash has functions, though in … Continue reading

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PHP multiprocessing using fork

PHP multiprocessing using fork: Process Control support in PHP implements the Unix style of process creation, program execution, signal handling and process termination. Find more details at PHP fork The pcntl_fork() function creates a child process that differs from the … Continue reading

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Git branching model

Git branching model : Following model can be used for feature and fixes. Consideration: Servers: – Local Server – Remote Server – Production Server Branches: – Release branch : “release” – Development branch : “master” – Feature branch : “feature” … Continue reading

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Reset mysql root password

Reset mysql root password : If you set a root password previously, but have forgotten it, you can set a new password. The following sections provide instructions for Unix systems 1) Stop Mysql server. #sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop OR #sudo kill … Continue reading

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Install HP printer driver on Ubuntu

Install HP printer driver on Ubuntu: Install using repository driver: # sudo aptitude install hplip Install using new updated driver: Follow step on link given below, HP driver Installation Wizard if you got following error , error: A required dependency … Continue reading

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Shell script multi-processing

Shell script multi processing : Multi processing using shell script can be achieve by spawning multiple child processes. There are two method , 1) Using commands as string : #!/bin/bash declare -a NOS=(1 2 3 5 6 7 8); STR=”{ … Continue reading

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Tech Giants Acquisition Strategies

Tech Giants Acquisition Strategies Compare the acquisition strategies of 5 tech giants over the last 15 years, Original content produced by simplybusiness.

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Composer commands

Composer : Composer is a tool for dependency management in PHP. It allows you to declare the dependent libraries your project needs and it will install them in your project for you. For more information check official site getcomposer. Packagist … Continue reading

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Setup Rabbitmq Clusters on Ubuntu

Setup Rabbitmq Clusters on Ubuntu : A RabbitMQ broker is a logical grouping of one or several Erlang nodes, each running the RabbitMQ application and sharing users, virtual hosts, queues, exchanges, etc. Sometimes we refer to the collection of nodes … Continue reading

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Install erlang on ubuntu

Install erlang on ubuntu : Remove older erlang if any : #sudo apt-get remove erlang #sudo apt-get autoremove erlang #sudo apt-get purge erlang Installation using repository : #sudo apt-get install erlang erlang-doc Manual Installation using repository : Download Erlang 1. … Continue reading

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