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How to install tor in ubuntu

How to install tor in ubuntu: What is Tor? Tor is free software and an open network that helps you defend against traffic analysis, a form of network surveillance that threatens personal freedom and privacy, confidential business activities and relationships, … Continue reading

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Setup zabbix on ubuntu

Setup zabbix on ubuntu: Zabbix is the ultimate open source enterprise-level software designed for monitoring availability and performance of IT infrastructure components. For more details visit following links, Install Zabbix: # wget # sudo dpkg -i zabbix-release_2.2-1+precise_all.deb … Continue reading

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Setup vagrant on ubuntu

Setup vagrant on ubuntu: Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team. To … Continue reading

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Ubuntu fix Shellshock bug

Ubuntu fix Shellshock Bug : Test if your system is vulnerable, $ env X=”() { :;}; echo shellshock” `which bash` -c “echo completed” shellshock completed If you got “shellshock” in output then it is vulnerable. Bash has functions, though in … Continue reading

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PHP multiprocessing using fork

PHP multiprocessing using fork: Process Control support in PHP implements the Unix style of process creation, program execution, signal handling and process termination. Find more details at PHP fork The pcntl_fork() function creates a child process that differs from the … Continue reading

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Git branching model

Git branching model : Following model can be used for feature and fixes. Consideration: Servers: – Local Server – Remote Server – Production Server Branches: – Release branch : “release” – Development branch : “master” – Feature branch : “feature” … Continue reading

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Reset mysql root password

Reset mysql root password : If you set a root password previously, but have forgotten it, you can set a new password. The following sections provide instructions for Unix systems 1) Stop Mysql server. #sudo /etc/init.d/mysql stop OR #sudo kill … Continue reading

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Install HP printer driver on Ubuntu

Install HP printer driver on Ubuntu: Install using repository driver: # sudo aptitude install hplip Install using new updated driver: Follow step on link given below, HP driver Installation Wizard if you got following error , error: A required dependency … Continue reading

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Shell script multi-processing

Shell script multi processing : Multi processing using shell script can be achieve by spawning multiple child processes. There are two method , 1) Using commands as string : #!/bin/bash declare -a NOS=(1 2 3 5 6 7 8); STR=”{ … Continue reading

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Tech Giants Acquisition Strategies

Tech Giants Acquisition Strategies Compare the acquisition strategies of 5 tech giants over the last 15 years, Original content produced by simplybusiness.

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